Sunny Seal Service Center in Iran Has Officially Put into Operation

public time:2018-02-11 09:36:33

   Recently, our service center located in southern Tehran has officially put into operation. This service center equip with general equipments and special equipments for mechanical seal like ultrasonic cleaning machine, grinding machine, flatness detector, leakage detector and other equipments. At present, our service center can conduct the routine maintenance for various types of mechanical seals, and meet the requirements of the relevant standards.
     The establishment of the service center ensures that we can provide fast and professional after-sales service for Iranian region, and also play an active role in the promotion of our business in Iran.
     We believe with North Azadegan and Masjed Soleyman Project running one after another, our service center will surely provide customers with more attentive service.
     The establishment of the service center marks an important step forward for the success of our overseas expansion.


Laping Face and Seat


Mechanical Seal Hydrostatic Test


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