Huang Zepei /president

Company director,president, senior engineer with rank of a professor,technical expert of China mechanical industry, top talented person of Sichuan mechanical industry, member of standing committee of the sixth People's Congress of Wuhou district Chengdu, Sichuan,executive director of the tenth Council of Mechanical Engineering Society of Sichuan Province,company core technician .

Served as vice president of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Machinery,Chief Engineer,Vice presedent/presedent/director/chairman of Sichuan Sunny Seal Co.,Ltd, now is legal representative/excutive director of NIKKI Seal Co.,Ltd and Sunny Machinary Co.,Ltd, China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Parts Industry Association Mechanical and Packing Static Sealing Branch vice president,Member of Second Technical Committee of Sinopec Machinery and Technology Center ,Member of the fifth National Chemical Equipment Design and Technology Center Pump Committee.


Senior Management Team /Sichuan Sunny Seal Co.,Ltd

Professional and dedicated senior management team, lead sunny seal through the wind and rain for thirty years, promoting company development with innovation,found the Sichuan Sunny with technology, having deep understanding about the seal industry operation.