Mechanical Seals for Pump

Including contact seal and non-contact seal; spring mechanical seal/metal bellows seal; single seal/non-pressurized dual seal and pressurized dual seal;general type and high parameter seal. Having a lot of successful experience in high and low temperature /high pressure/high speed/high viscosity condition/particles/light hydrocarbon/aromatic hydrocarbon.

Seals for Agitators

Including seal for high/medium/low pressure agitator; sing/double/mutiple seal; contact seal and non-contact seal;wet and dry seal.Having a lot of successful experience in polymerization agitator/plunger/reactor for rubber/PTA/PP/PE/PVC/medical/food industry

Seals for Compressors

Including DGS/mechanical seal/carbon ring seal; single/tandem/double seal;dynamic pressure type and static pressure type.majorly utilized in petrochemical/coal chemical/nature gas chemical/gas transportation and centrifugal compressor that utilized in hazadous gas transportation other field

Other Seals

Execpt for pump/agitator/compressor, other medium treating rotating machinery , like: screw compressor/blower/hydraulic turbine/expander/extruder,can utilize carbon ring seal/float ring seal/magnatic seal.

Auxiliary System

Including compressor dry gas seal control panel/auxiliary system for pump mechanical seal/gas pipe system and liquid pipe systme. It's function is for face lubrication/seal chamber temperature adjustment,improving seal operation condition,lenthen operation life time,inspecting seal operation condition at,maintaining at the right time.

Mechanical Seal for Nuclear Pumps

Mechanical seal for nuclear class 1 pumps/mechanical seal for nuclear class 2 pump/mechanical seal for nuclear class 3 pump/mechanical seal for non-nuclear pump.offering full set solution planfor nuclear power station seal.Production has passed nuclear quality insurance system.

Rotary Jet Pump

Rotary jet pump(pitot pump) is a new pump with small flow, high lift, .Has the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost.